Sustainable packaging! Your Net comes in a NINE Beauty travel pouch that doubles as a super cute makeup bag.


The Exfoliating Bath Net is a traditional African bathing tool that has been used in manyhouseholds for generations. It is the perfect way to exfoliate and cleanse your entire body!


NINE Beauty has exclusively made Nets in XL long length. It stretches over 50" which means it is perfect to reach difficult areas like your back and feet. Over time reveal cleaner, refreshed, even glowing skin!


Made of 100% Nylon material, it will last months without harboring icky bacteria. With proper care you can use your net for 18-24 months. You will also get a mega-rich lather with half the amount of soap. Throw out your smelly washcloths, because once you try this you will never go back!


For sensitive skin we recommend our Pink net. It comes in a wider knot pattern which is softer on sensitive skin. 

Exfoliating Bath Net

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